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Laci Barry Post

     As the unusual child who asked her parents to stop at historical sites on vacation, I have always loved a good story! While I enjoy fiction, I believe the most fascinating stories come from history. That is why I love meaningful historical fiction that is based on real experiences and the people who lived through him. In the The War Song Series, I bring to life fictional characters based on my grandparents and other men and women who lived, worked, and loved through World War II to the Korean War. This time period was full of heartache, sacrifice, struggle, and immense social change. It was also a time of great big band music, and I feature as much of it as possible! The music is the backdrop of the series, and I hope the reader can hear the songs as he or she reads.  


     Since graduating from Samford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, I have had a diverse writing career to say the least. I have written everything from books to author blogs to video scripts to newsletters to government grants to Christian, travel, and health articles. My over 150 articles and short fiction have been published in nine print and online publications. I have also helped raise more than $15,000,000 through grant writing for nonprofit organizations. As you can see, I love the writing process no matter what it is!  


     When I’m not writing, my husband Jason and I are hiking with our dog Bucky, traveling as much as we can, and trying to keep up with our teenage sons, Avery and Elijah. I’m also a group fitness instructor who loves a good workout every day.

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