"I'm waiting for my life to begin. Waiting for the train to come in," Ava Stilwell, a young woman eager for life, sings a popular song with the big band that reflects her heart. Will her brother and fiancée return from the war? 

     World War II has gripped the nation, including the Stilwell family. While James Stilwell fights in Europe, his pregnant wife is alone, and his brother ministers to and befriends German POWs in Alabama. Rationing, bomb drills, patriotism, and a changing south barrage their way of life. In the midst of these times, Ava and her cousin Rosemary find love with two soldiers. But is one really who he seems to be? Can the family endure as the war changes the world around them?

     Songbird is an inspirational, historical fiction novel, dealing with family, faith, strong women, and the changing south. It explores many historical elements of the 

World War II era, such as women's aid groups, Ernie Pyle's writing, D-day, radio and music of the 1940's, and the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Song of Return


     “And, confidentially, I confess. I sent a note to the local press that I’ll be changing my home address for you!” Ava sings out with the band as surviving soldiers from World War II, including her brother James, return to life on the home front. The home they are returning to, however, is not the same home they left behind. A changed economy, broken relationships, new educational opportunities, children born to them during the war, and family expectations all await them. They must meet this new world while trying to escape the horrific one of war they just left behind.  
     The war has also changed the women. Many are reluctant to give up the jobs and freedoms given to them during a time when it was up to them to keep the home front running. Ava Stilwell’s world keeps expanding even after the war. Can she balance being a new wife with college and her burgeoning musical career? Can her cousin Rosemary continue to work and be with the man she truly loves? How does one war widow cope with her grief and enter the life of Carson Stilwell?  
     World War II has changed the world and the Stilwell family forever, but faith and love continue to sustain them. Song of Return is the second book of The War Song Series.