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Nancy Davis Reagan Stars in WWII Epic Film!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Since Nancy Reagan’s recent passing, I have been reading about her remarkable life. She was a devoted wife and trusted advisor to her husband throughout his political career as both the First Lady of California and the First Lady of the United States. She raised important drug and prevention education awareness through her famous “Just Say No” campaign.

Before all of this, however, she was a fairly successful actress, having a coveted contract with MGM and appearing in eleven feature films. The film that struck me the most was one of her last. Hellcats in the Navy was a World War II story about a submarine commander who must undertake a dangerous mission in Japanese waters. In the film, Nancy plays Nurse Lieutenant Helen Blair. Commander Casey Abbot, her romantic counterpart, is played by none other than her husband, Ronald Reagan. Watch this 1957 trailer for the film, which was the only film the Reagans appeared in together. It is heartwarming to watch them perform together and remember the great impact they both had on our country.

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