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America’s All-Out Defense Depends Upon Your Common Sense!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

“America’s All-Out Defense Depends Upon Your Common Sense!” I love this article published by the Veterans of Foreign Wars during World War II. It really changes your attitude and perspective even today!

STOP…Stop crabbing about the small sacrifices in personal comforts you are called upon to make in the interest of national defense.

LOOK…Look over the needs of your community carefully, size up your own abilities, and offer your services where you can be of most help.

LISTEN…Listen to what is going on around you – discourage talk that is meant to destroy our national unity by stirring up racial, religious and political prejudices.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars nonprofit organization was started in 1899 by veterans who wanted to help all veterans secure rights and benefits for their service to their country. The organization was instrumental in the creation of the Veteran’s Administration and GI Bill and has fought for the improvement of VA medical centers.

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