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The Dead Walk at Night - True Radio Entertainment

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

In the 1940s, radio was entertainment! I asked my grandfather, James Barry, about his favorite radio shows growing up. One of the first ones he mentioned was the Inner Sanctum Mysteries.

The show was a popular radio program featuring mystery, terror, and suspense. The program ran from 1941 to 1952, scaring listeners each week with its trademark creaking door, which opened and closed each episode. Want to hear the famous creaking door? Travel back to the 1940s and listen to an episode!

“Good evening, friends of the screeching door,” came the eerie voice of the Inner Sanctum Mysteries host.

The slow creak of an opening door followed it. Ava giggled. The door always amused her more than anything else.

“Pass me the bag of coconut dips,” Rosemary whispered.

Ava passed her the coconut candies and motioned for the bag of fluffs. They ate with their eyes fixed on the radio, even though it didn’t move. They didn’t want to miss a word of the horrifying tale of the “The Dead Walk at Night.”

Songbird, Chapter 26

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