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The Jersey Bounce

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Oh, how fun it would be to go back in time to a 1940's dance party! Forget a DJ; give me swing dancing and a live orchestra. One of the biggest dance songs of the time was the "Jersey Bounce." The song was a number one hit for Benny Goodman in 1942. Listen and dance along!

“It’s the Jersey Bounce. We have to dance!”

“We’ll join you.” Sydney put a hand on each side of Ava’s waist and pushed her forward onto the dance floor behind them.

Ava was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to dance like the other young men and women, but Sydney moved her with smooth agility to the quick tempo of the small orchestra. Music always had an emotional power over her, and her blood coursed through her body and colored her face as she swayed to the resonating rhythm of the trumpet and trombones.

Songbird, Chapter 8

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