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Paul Wilbur Green: 1925-2014

Updated: Sep 15, 2020


This past weekend, my favorite World War II veteran passed away. Paul Wilbur Green, my grandfather, served in the Navy from January 1944 to May 1946 in the Pacific. Stationed in the Marshall Islands, his job was to operate a barge ferrying bomber planes between the land and air craft carriers.

After the war, he came home to Jacksonville, AL, married Gwendolyn Livingston, raised two daughters, and farmed. He was a kind, humble man, who loved being outside and dogs. He didn’t say much, but you knew that he loved you. Looking through pictures for the funeral service, I realized that he never missed an event in my life. He was always there, and he will be greatly missed. I thank him for defending our country during World War II and for being a wonderful grandfather.

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