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The Forgotten Heroes of the Home Front

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The United States would not have won World War II without the millions of soldiers, nurses, and factory defense workers who served during the war, but there is another group of workers during that time period who are often forgotten – farmers. Farmers helped produce the food needed to feed soldiers serving overseas and kept the home front fed during a time of intense food rationing. They also helped the war effort by purchasing Defense Savings Bonds and Stamps.

My great grandfather, Troy Parris, was a farmer during World War II. He received this brochure, “12 Facts for American Farmers about Defense Savings Bonds and Stamps,” from the United States Treasury Department and kept it in a family Bible all his life. My grandmother recently let me keep it, and I am proud to have a little piece of our country’s and my family’s history. Read this interesting bit of history and remember the farmers on the home front who also gave of themselves for our freedoms.

“War bonds,” she began, surveying her words’ effect on them. “Everyone has been selling them, but you all know as well as I do that people have become tight wadded on the subject.”

Several heads began to bob around her, and she continued bravely.

“So, that is why I am proposing a war bonds drive like this town has never seen before, and, as a farmer’s wife, I think that this drive should begin with us farmers.” She revealed a small pamphlet from behind her back.

“Twelve Facts for American Farmers about Defense Saving Bonds and Stamps from the U.S. Treasury Department,” she read aloud.

Songbird, Chapter 16

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