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A Sentimental Journey

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Have you ever been away from home for a long time? Remember how you felt when you finally returned? This popular big band song captured the hearts of many soldiers coming home at the end of World War II.

While Les Brown and His Band of Renown had been performing “Sentimental Journey” for some time, they were unable to record it until 1945, but the timing was perfect for returning soldiers. Can you guess who the lead female singer was? It was none other than Doris Day. “Sentimental Journey” was Doris’s first number one hit and helped propel her very successful music and film career. Listen to the song and take a sentimental journey of your own!

“The pianist was as talented as promised. He effortlessly accompanied Ava on the new song she was learning with the band. Edwin’s innocent question occupied her mind as she sang “Sentimental Journey” for the wedded couple.”

Songbird, Chapter 31

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