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  • Laci Barry Post

Penny Toys to Toy Instruments – Christmas Toys of the 1940s!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Song of Return spans from September 1946 to May 1948, and Christmas was as merry in those years as it is today!

According to, the most popular toy in 1946 were Penny Toys, which are inexpensive, metal toys often shaped like vehicles. Servicemen in the US Zone of Germany and occupied Japan liked to make them in their spare time.

In 1947, kids loved toy instruments. Maybe, the sounds of the big band inspired them to play music themselves! We have a toy piano at our house.

In 1948, the popular item was the Tinymite Radio. Advertisements from the time period promised that the miniature-sized, red radios needed “no tubes, no batteries, and no electric plug-ins.” The crystal radio sets could be held in one hand and could pick up local radio stations.

So, have you finished your Christmas list? You might want to add a Tinymite Radio to your list!

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