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Happy Valentine’s Day from 1947!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Valentine’s Day after World War II was wonderful for some and terrible for others. For some, they were reunited with their lovers coming home from the war. For many others, sadly, they would never see their husbands or wives again. Lots of great love songs continued to be recorded, however.

Here is a special one for your Valentine’s Day. “Love Somebody” was recorded by Doris Day and Buddy Clark on November 21, 1947 and was #16 on the 1948 pop charts. It is also featured in Song of Return. Enjoy!

“Confidentially, I love somebody,” their voices slipped together in perfect unison. The song was routine now, yet sounded fresh each time they performed it together.

“I’ve got news for you.” It was Lonny’s turn.

“Love somebody,” Ava sang.

“I feel that way too.”

“Love somebody.”

“I’m glad it’s true.

“That somebody that I love is you!” they finished together, and the room erupted in applause with Victoria clapping the loudest of all.

Song of Return, Chapter 47

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