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A Love Song that will make you Smile!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Love songs from the 1940s could be dreamy, sentimental, emotionally moving, and, sometimes, comical. Some of them were just downright fun. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, I have one of the fun ones for you.

“Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief” was first recorded in 1945. It reached #1 on the Billboard magazine charts during its popularity height. It’s witty and, perhaps, somewhat politically incorrect by today’s standards, but it will make you smile, and we all need to smile!

Watch Betty Hutton singing “Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.” Her animated performance is something to behold. Performing styles have certainly changed since the 1940s!

"There was silence, then the soft tap of Willie’s baton, and then the ripple and boom of the many harmonizing instruments. The music always rushed through Ava’s soul and brought her alive no matter how tired she was. She almost forgot to look at the sheet music in her hands to see when her part was. Looking at it now, she read “Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief” and recognized it. A minute later, she was singing with the band."

Song of Return, Chapter 2

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