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A World War II Monument Not to Miss

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Leroy Barnard, James E. Clark, Wilbur Daniels – this is just a few of the names engraved on the World War II monument in Savannah, GA. If you keep reading, you will read 527 names altogether of service members from the area who died during the war.

Monuments are powerful. They cause us to reflect and remember. They personalize our history. As I read each name, I think of each person who was lost and each family that was changed forever as a result. The price of our freedom is great.

The A World Apart monument sits on Savannah’s River Street, right by the Savannah River. This is a significant location, as during the war, Liberty ships were built in the nearby shipyards, and the port was instrumental for transporting vital war supplies.

The design of the monument is also significant. In fitting with the “world apart” theme, the monument consists of a 20-foot bronze and copper globe, sitting atop Georgia granite. The globe is split open with the names of the servicemen listed inside. Architect Eric Meyerhoff designed the globe to represent the two separate Pacific and European theaters of war. The dark bronze features represent continents, and the golden hues represent water.

The monument is the result of many years of hard work by the Chatham County Veterans Council. They tirelessly raised funds and oversaw the project. The over 2,200 engraved bricks surrounding the monument give the names of the thousands of financial supporters. The monument took eight years to build and traveled 500 miles to reach its final destination.

On November 7, 2010, the A World Apart monument was dedicated. About 250 World War II veterans and hundreds of spectators watched the ceremony on River Street. It was a much awaited occasion for all involved.

If you travel to Savannah, GA, meander down River Street to the monument. It is a beautiful work of art not to miss and the perfect place to reflect on and remember all of our World War II veterans!

Savannah is my favorite city. It is rich in history, culture, and beauty. While The War Song Series takes place primarily in Jacksonville and Anniston, AL, there is one character from Savannah! Do you know who it is?

“? was from Savannah, Georgia and the lieutenant over their squad. Even though he could be arrogant at times, he was also generally amicable and made everyone under his leadership feel like a peer within good reason.”

Songbird, Chapter 6

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