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Book Cover Reveal!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The last book in The War Song Series will be out in just a few days, and I am so excited about the cover art! I am very fortunate to have an exceptionally talented, “in-house” graphic designer. My husband Jason and I have a media company named LampLight MediaWorks for all our video, graphic design, and writing projects. Jason has done an amazing job with my book covers and has designed book covers for several other writers as well.

When we were deliberating a cover for the first book, Songbird, we didn’t think a regular stock photo or one we took would adequately translate the meaning, themes, and feel of the series, so Jason designed one that did. All three covers feature a red bird. The main character of the series is a female big band singer, who is nicknamed “Songbird.” On each of the three covers, the bird grows and matures to show both the personal and musical development of Ava, the main character.

Behind the bird, is a world map infused with musical notes and news headlines from the time period. Big band and gospel music are throughout the book to convey the characters’ emotions, struggles, and victories. The history in the books is just as important as the music, and the headlines give readers a pre-cursor of the events that will take place in and shape the series. Furthermore, as the bird grows with each book cover, the world map gets a little smaller to show how Ava’s life is expanding.

A big thank you to Jason for my book cover. I hope readers enjoy it just as much as the book!

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