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  • Laci Barry Post

Meet Vulcan

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Meet Vulcan! He is the largest cast-metal statue in the world and sits atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL. As the Roman god of the forge, he celebrates the city’s industrial history. If you have never met him, Vulcan Park is a fun experience with great views of Birmingham and an interactive history museum. In Songbird, Vulcan Park is the backdrop for one of Ava’s most memorable big band performances.

“Soon the moment came, and she ascended the stage just as the band struck up its vibrant melody. She looked up at the 1904 World’s Fair Winner and fifty-six foot-high iron symbol of Birmingham industrialization and smiled to herself. The Vulcan’s backside was indeed uncovered, and the fact propitiated her developing nerves while the spearhead he brandished high in his right hand encouraged her. Willie Harold gave her a confident wink, and she began her song.”

Songbird, Chapter 4

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