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A Piece of History

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I will be in Jacksonville, AL this weekend for the city’s Fair on the Square Living Museum. At my table, I am excited to have my grandfather’s rationing book from World War II! It is amazing to hold a piece of history like this in your hands.

The federal government began rationing in May 1942 on goods that were high in demand and needed for the war effort. A ration book was issued to each family indicating how much sugar, coffee, meat, processed foods, gas, tires, and other products one could purchase. To deal with the shortened amount of items, women altered recipes and got together to swap coupons.

If you are in Jacksonville this weekend, come see an actual World War II ration book!

“To begin her meeting she had called for a rations swap, which all of the women eagerly engaged in. Myrtle smiled down at her extra meat rations as Victoria silenced the chattering group.”

Songbird, Chapter 14

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