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  • Laci Barry Post

A Magical Song for Summer

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It’s May, and summer is almost here! My boys are about to be out of school, and our schedules are relaxing a little, so I’m in the mood for some good music. How about you?

This song is featured in Song of Return and always makes me feel at ease and hopeful. Ava sings it with the big band in Chapter 42. The version I like best is with Doris Day. Maybe, this is because she has always been one of my mom’s favorite actresses, or maybe, it's because Doris’s voice is so smooth and just magical, to take words from the song.

Listen to Doris sing It’s Magic and escape your daily routine for just a few minutes. It truly is magical!

“The sound that came from the band was enormous. It wasn’t hard to find her cue, and before she had time to doubt herself any longer, she was singing with the band.

“You sigh, a song begins,” she sang out uninhibited now, like the instruments behind her, “You speak, and I hear violins. It’s magic.”

Song of Return, Chapter 42

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