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Old WWII Photographs Keep Our Family Histories Alive

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

As we lose more and more family members and loved ones who lived and served through World War II, old family photographs and letters become even more precious. Recently, my wonderful high school English teacher, Wanda Bagwell, reached out to me through email to share some World War II photos of her family. She is reading letters from the war era written between her grandmother, aunts, and uncles. Some of the letters are even the small V-Mail letters the U.S. government censored and processed through microfilm for the servicemen! She is enjoying seeing her family members who have passed in a different light and learning more about their individual histories.

Mrs. Bagwell also shared with me a photograph of her father, who served in the Army of Occupation in Japan. This photograph shows her father on a boat returning home from Japan. These men were glad to be coming home! It reminds me of a story my grandfather told me about being stationed with the Navy in the Pacific and being told there was a ship headed home if he was ready to leave. He didn’t waste any time getting on that ship!

If you have family photographs from World War II to share, email them to me at Let’s keep our family histories alive!

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